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New to legal requirements regarding the running of businesses in Singapore? JBL Corporate Services has the expertise to ensure your company stays on the right side of the law.

JBL Corporate Services offers accounting, tax, and payroll services tailored to your needs. You need to keep proper accounting and bookkeeping as mandated under The Singapore Companies Act. Additionally, you will also need to be informed about corporate tax planning.

JBL Corporate Services is a reliable partner for all your accounting, payroll, and corporate tax services. Instead of stretching your finances to hire more staff, outsource your accounting, tax, and payroll needs for a cost-effective solution so that you can focus on running your business.

Your business’s accounting services

Our professional and accurate accounting and bookkeeping services ensure clients have a clear picture of their corporate finances.

As stated on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s website (ACRA), Section 199 of the Act requires directors in Singapore to maintain accounting controls and other records for “the preparation of true and fair financial statements”.

Outsource your accounting needs to us, so you can assess your financials quickly to make the right decision for your business.


We provide bookkeeping services, the process of recording your company’s financial transactions into organised accounts.

Your company needs to keep proper accounting books as stipulated by the Singapore Companies Act. Good bookkeeping is the basis for well-prepared financial statements.

More importantly, it provides you with insight into efficient financial management for your business.

Annual financial statements preparation

Your business needs to prepare financial statements according to the Singapore government’s rules and regulations for businesses.

Tap on our accounting expertise in Singapore to provide you with complete details on these requirements and much more.

Accounts receivable & payable statements preparation

Businesses will need to prepare their accounts receivable and payable statements because managing these details are critical for the overall financial health of any company. Properly tracking and managing them helps with better business decisions.

We will provide professional help to manage your financial statements efficiently. That way, you can keep track of your finances and be kept up-to-date.

Financial statements filing in XBRL

All Singapore incorporated companies must file financial statements (FS) with ACRA, except for those exempted. Your business may need to file a full set of FS in XBRL format and you can outsource the XBRL filing services needs to us.

Seeking qualified, reliable corporate services to outsource your company’s administrative and financial functions? JBL Corporate Services has the right combination of talents, knowledge, and experience to do the job.

Tax services provided by JBL’s expert team

Our expert team delivers meticulously planned tax services that work best for your business. We will ensure that all taxation matters are addressed and legally compliant.

Corporate & personal income tax returns filing

Corporate and personal income tax filing is mandatory under the law. If you neglect to abide by tax laws, you may be fined and/or prosecuted.

Regardless of tax-residency status, all companies must pay corporate tax under the Income Tax Act on any chargeable income derived from Singapore or foreign income remitted into Singapore.

Outsource corporate tax filing and personal tax filing to our team of professionals to ensure you are compliant.

GST registration & filing

If your company exceeds S$1 million revenue, you must register for Goods and Services Tax (GST). Other companies that don’t exceed the revenue threshold aren’t required to register for GST but can do so voluntarily depending on their business activities and requirements.

All GST-registered companies are required to charge GST and file GST returns. GST-registered companies must also file quarterly GST returns.

There are pros and cons to registration. As a business owner, you might be overwhelmed by the decision. Let JBL Corporate Services advise you and help you understand and fulfil your GST obligations.

Tax planning

The way you plan your business affects your taxes.

How you carry out your transactions may also affect the deductions available to your company when you file your tax returns. Therefore, planning your business & transactions for maximum tax efficiency is important.

Leverage our professional knowledge, so you are aware of the tax implications and appropriate tax incentives for your business.

Outsource your payroll services to us so you’ll always be compliant and pay your employees on time

Ensure your employees are paid on time according to Singapore employment law by outsourcing payroll services to us. You might find it difficult or expensive to engage a full-time in-house payroll or HR personnel, as it increases your operational and administrative costs.

Our HR payroll services will ensure your payroll is compliant, accurate, and timely.

Employee salaries & deductions preparation

Paying your employees accurately and timely is important. As a busy entrepreneur, it might slip your mind. The law mandates that your business pays employees on time and necessary contributions or deductions are adhered to.

The Singapore Employment Act mandates that you pay employees within 7 days after their salary period. If you fail to do so, you will be fined, and repeated offenders will be held liable. Don’t let that happen to you.

We have been your clients for almost a year, and I highly commend you for the professionalism and the courteous attention that is always shown by Jacqueline, Sandy, Benny, and other team members. You helped us from getting our company set up to providing a one-stop solution covering tax, accounting, finance, legal, and other business-related advice (e.g. recommended us a reseller). Thank you for your outstanding work. Glad to have picked you as a partner and looking forward to many years of fruitful cooperation!

Karen Lam Thoughtful Food Pte Ltd
Karen Lam

I am extremely happy with the proactive and professional approach of your team as we were going through the incorporation of our company. Every member of your team that I have interacted with is knowledgeable and genuinely keen to help me with my inquiries. I would strongly recommend your service to any entrepreneur interested in setting up a business venture in Singapore.

Vinay Pandey Vriantaiy Pte Ltd
Vinay Pandey

Since my first contact with your firm, every experience that I have had, has been great – delivered with top-notch professionalism. Your team has been quick to respond to every request and, thanks to your excellent software platform, it works very efficiently. In comparison to the other firms I investigated, you offer a far better combination of sophisticated technology, transparent pricing, and world-class service. You have not just met all my expectations, you have exceeded them.

Jonatan Altszul Bit Trap Pte Ltd
Jonatan Altszul


Outsource your accounting, tax and payroll services to JBL Corporate Services

Outsource all financial matters to us so that you can focus on running your business

Vast experience

JBL Corporate Services has a team of accounting professionals with decades of experience. We can advise you appropriately on financial matters to ensure your business fundamentals are sound.

Prompt service

When you’re an entrepreneur, you do not want reactive solutions but proactive ones and we understand this. We’ll provide you with appropriate solutions where necessary and when required.

One-stop service

We are a one-stop service and we tap on cutting-edge technology to generate accounting solutions. Apart from that, we also provide other corporate services, such as corporate secretarial services and legal compliance matters.

Get expert advice

Instead of stretching your finances to hire more staff, outsource your accounting, tax, and payroll needs for a cost-effective solution.

Why does a business require accounting, tax, and payroll services? Some businesses might not have enough knowledgeable staff to handle financial paperwork. It also takes time to interview and hire competent human resource staff.

If you fail to follow Singapore company laws, you might incur penalties and your firm gains a poor reputation. You don’t want to appear in the news for the wrong reasons.

Work with JBL Corporate Services. Free your focus.

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