JBL Corporate Services has the right expertise & network to support your business in Singapore

Wish to spend time on developing your business instead of administrative chores? JBL Corporate Services can help take care of your statutory matters so that you can focus on running your company.

Do you need a business services provider to enhance efficiency and ensure you are in compliance and help you understand the local Singapore requirements so that you do not run afoul of the laws?

Trust JBL Corporate Services. We are a comprehensive corporate services provider with expertise to oversee, advise and manage various services so that you can run your business confidently in Singapore.

Free your focus with a reliable partner like us.

Services JBL Corporate Services provides to help businesses establish a firm foothold in Singapore

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or already in business, tap on our business services to establish your business confidently in Singapore.

Business incorporation & corporate secretarial services

As a business owner looking to establish your presence in Singapore, you’ll need a reliable partner to run your business processes smoothly within legal guidelines.

We offer a full suite of business incorporation and corporate secretarial services, from regulatory reporting to corporate governance advisory services. Regardless of your legal compliance issues, or the size of your business, our professional team can handle it.

Accounting, tax & payroll services

We offer accounting, tax, and payroll services tailored for your needs, complying with the various rules and acts in Singapore.

Our professional and accurate accounting services ensure clients have a clear picture of their corporate finances. Our team delivers tax strategies that work best for your business. You can also outsource payroll services to us, ensuring that your company is complying with the payroll requirements and that employees are paid on time.

Work pass application services

If your business hires foreigners, tap on our work pass application service to apply for the relevant work pass. Applications and renewals are time-consuming and complex and understanding the ever-changing rules can be daunting

Our professional team stays updated about the requirements and application requirements and undertakes to apply for relevant immigration visas for your employees. It will save you time so you do not make unnecessary errors.


Business licence application services

Certain businesses in specific industries require licences before your business is able to operate. If you are new to Singapore, or just starting out, you might not be familiar with the business licence application processes.

Our team can advise and apply for the licenses that your business requires. In that way, you will not run afoul of the law and risk losing your investment.

Other business support services

Apart from corporate secretarial services and legal compliance, JBL Corporate Services can provide your business with experts in other areas to execute your business idea to perfection.

For instance, you might require IT specialists for your office. Or perhaps you require property and relocation experts to guide your staff in immigrating to Singapore. Our company can take care of it all for you.

We have been your clients for almost a year, and I highly commend you for the professionalism and the courteous attention that is always shown by Jacqueline, Sandy, Benny, and other team members. You helped us from getting our company set up to providing a one-stop solution covering tax, accounting, finance, legal, and other business-related advice (e.g. recommended us a reseller). Thank you for your outstanding work. Glad to have picked you as a partner and looking forward to many years of fruitful cooperation!

Karen Lam Thoughtful Food Pte Ltd
Karen Lam

I am extremely happy with the proactive and professional approach of your team as we were going through the incorporation of our company. Every member of your team that I have interacted with is knowledgeable and genuinely keen to help me with my inquiries. I would strongly recommend your service to any entrepreneur interested in setting up a business venture in Singapore.

Vinay Pandey Vriantaiy Pte Ltd
Vinay Pandey

Since my first contact with your firm, every experience that I have had, has been great – delivered with top-notch professionalism. Your team has been quick to respond to every request and, thanks to your excellent software platform, it works very efficiently. In comparison to the other firms I investigated, you offer a far better combination of sophisticated technology, transparent pricing, and world-class service. You have not just met all my expectations, you have exceeded them.

Jonatan Altszul Bit Trap Pte Ltd
Jonatan Altszul


​JBL Corporate Services is your reliable corporate secretarial service partner in Singapore

Outsource corporate secretarial services to JBL Corporate Services so you can concentrate on your business

Vast experience

JBL Corporate Services has a team of professionals with decades of experience in corporate secretarial services. Our team assesses your business and executes solutions so that your business can commence quickly.

Prompt service

JBL Corporate Services has a responsive team ready to act in any situation. You’ll be able to tap on our expertise anytime, any day.

One-stop service

We leverage technology to provide effective solutions for all areas of corporate secretarial services. This includes immigration matters, accounting, tax and payroll services as well as business advisory.

Get expert advice

Whether you are starting, already running a business, or setting up a branch in Singapore, your goal is to commence operations. You don’t want to waste your time and energy researching on how to set up your business or ensure legal compliance. Let us help you settle these technicalities.

If you are unfamiliar with Singapore company laws, you might miss out important information or waste effort over-preparing paperwork. Don’t let this stall your business operations. Work with JBL Corporate Services. Free your focus.

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